The Harmonising Face Kit

  • Lift, Harmonise & Elevate your Face Rituals
  • 2,590.00 THB

Bring peace and harmony to your skin with the Harmonising Face Kit. This trio will leave you with firmer, more youthful and glowing skin.

This set includes
✧ Blue Spell (30ml) Nourishing Blended Face Oil with Rosehip, Baobab and Blue Chamomile
✧ Youth Potion (30ml) Multivitamin Face Serum infused with antioxidants and Blue Chamomile
✧ Fluorite Gua Sha

Blue Spell facial oil is a light hydrating blend of 7 botanical oils. Our 100% natural formula is made to hydrate, nourish and repair. Naturally blue from blue chamomile essential oil, this rare floral extract has been used for centuries due to its gentle healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. This is our ‘must-have’ for anyone looking to step up their skincare routine.

Youth Potion is our daily multivitamin for your skin. Formulated to be powerful yet soothing with a blend of vitamins and antioxidant-rich fruit extracts. Niacinamide reduces fine lines and wrinkles while vegan squalane and cucumber extract balance and hydrate. This light milky serum is naturally blue from blue chamomile essential oil, an ancient ingredient used for centuries due to its gentle healing and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Gua Sha is an ancient, traditional Chinese beauty tool. Known as the “1-minute facelift” or the “Eastern Botox”, this beauty practice is prized for its natural anti-aging and glow-boosting skin benefits. Each Gua Sha is crafted from 100% natural Fluorite. This crystal is prized for its healing properties, known for absorbing negative energy and stress.

Please note that all our crystal Gua Sha are 100 % natural and hand shaped. Each Gua Sha is beautifully unique and therefore there will be variations in colour, shape and structure. Crystal Gua Sha are fragile, please handle with care.

First, apply Youth Potion and/ or Blue Spell facial oil to your clean skin. Using light pressure, scrape the Gua Sha flat against your face in an upwards and outwards motion. Refer to the video below: