Blue Spell

  • Nourishing Blended Face Oil with Rosehip, Baobab and Blue Chamomile
  • 890.00 THB

Blue Spell facial oil is a light hydrating blend of 7 botanical oils. Our 100% natural formula is made to hydrate, nourish and repair. Naturally blue from blue chamomile essential oil, this rare floral extract has been used for centuries due to its gentle healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. This is our ‘must-have’ for anyone looking to step up their skincare routine.

✧ Suitable for all skin types
✧ Non-comedogenic
✧ 100% natural

Apply and massage a few drops to cleansed skin morning and/or night.
Apply after Youth Potion or other serums.

✧ Discontinue use if irritation occurs
✧ Keep away from direct sunlight
✧ Store in cool, ambient areas. The oil colour may change if exposed to heat
✧ External use only

✧ Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
✧ Sweet Almond Oil
✧ Jojoba Oil
✧ Rosehip Oil
✧ Argan Oil
✧ Baobab Oil
✧ Blue Chamomile essential oil